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One of my new goals (not new years related) is to do a full split sometime in the next few months. I've been doing stretches a few times a week.

It starts with Parivrtta Trikonasana:

Then on to side and front leg stretches.

Then bowstep hip stretches:

Then the front splits.

After two weeks, I don't notice any improvements. I do notice that my right adductors are super tight.

Does anyone have tips on how to make front split improvements and what kind of progress to expect?

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I'm no expert, but I'd love to share my experience. I've found that I need three things in order to successfuly do a front split: a soft enough surface, stretching the rear leg, and stretching the front leg.


One of my favorites for stretching the front leg is the standard runner's stretch (sitting with one leg tucked in, the other extended, reaching both hands toward the extended foot). No matter how good I get at reaching, I still have the challenge of straightening my back, relaxing my shoulders, and distributing my weight evenly in my hips. I also like to vary it by turning my torso so that the arm opposite my foot is above my head, and my other elbow is resting on the floor.

Stretching the rear leg is a little tougher. With the stretch I use, I have to be especially careful with my low back. On leg is curled in front of me (like sitting cross-legged), and the other is extended behind me, knee to the floor. The challenge in this position is to keep my torso upright by leveling my hips (front-back) instead of bending my low back.


Thirdly, front splits are much easier to do on a soft surface. The mats at the wushu school are perfect, but since I don't get to practice there every day, I've had to improvise.The hardwood floors at my home make it almost impossible to do splits. I have to use two yoga mats and a rug to make it even remotely comfortable.


Your progress depends heavily on you as an individual; your experience, your build, your current level. You can maximize your progress with consistency and caution. Practice every single day, but be careful not to push yourself to painful levels. Injury is never helpful.

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stretching for splits should be an everyday thing, especially if you've never been able to drop into splits before. I hate to sound like the proverbial teacher, but "practice makes progress"! :)  Stretching hamstrings is important as well as hips.

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