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Forum Home > Events etc. > This Saturday, june 19th, MARTIAL UNIVERSITY: 7 of the Puget Sound's greatest martial artist in one place, so you can learn from them!

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Imaginea lot of 1-hour mini seminars. You get to pick seven of them. Want totry something new each hour? We can do that. Click with one instructor?You can spend the rest of the day exploring what he or she has to offer.


Peopleof all experience levels are welcome. Even those who are thinking aboutgetting into martial arts but haven't yet. Check out the event andexperience a few arts!


This is a benefit for the families of 4Lakewood WA Police officers who were gunned down in a coffee shop in Lakewood last November. All proceeds to go to the families of theOfficers.




Instructors: Jon Crain (Isshin-Ryu)

Kris Wilder (Goju-ryu)

Phillip Starr (YiLiQuan)

Jeremy Thompson, Todd Durgan (Kenpo)

Restita Dejesus (TaiJiQuan)

Shabir Ramzan (Silat)

Rory Miller (Thug Stuff). NOTE: Rory just informed us that he cannot make it this year.


Event will be held at Sumner High School (1707 main St, Sumner, WA) between 8am and 3pm.


Registration starts at 7:45am.


Cost is $35 if registered by June 1st, $50 afterwards and at the door.

$3 for observers.


(Restita'spersonal comment: Please don't try to get in for $3, videotape the  entire day, and try to learn it at home. Come on....its a benefit forthe families of the slain police officers. Get out there andparticipate! Participants in my Tai Chi workshop must get permission for someone else to videotape for your personal video notes.)


MartialUniversity welcomes participants age 15 years and older. For moreinformation, contact Mark Hachey ([email protected], 253-445-1495).


(**Many thanks to my friend-in-martial arts, Rory Miller,....I borrowed your page header for the event pic! I'll miss ya at MU thisyear.)

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