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Your input is welcome! For me, I started out in Karate. I was attracted to Karate initially, because I was a kid and didn't know the difference between Karate and the "kung fu" I saw on the old TV series. :) However, from the first day, I was hooked on the sense of stability and "power" of the art. When I started learning Kata, I was drawn to the "imaginary fight" aspect of the routines. It was only later that I learned that Kata has so much more to offer.

Kajukenbo: I was attracted to the "no nonsense" self defense of the system.

Wushu: The dynamics and the athletic aspects.

Eskrima: Being Filipino, I always thought that Eskrima and Kali were cool. :) I grew up hearing stories and legends about my great grandfather, Santiago Toledo, and I thought  "wouldn't it be cool if I could learn Eskrima!". When I was blessed with the opportunity to study with Master Chris Petrilli and Grandmaster Cacoy Canete, I knew that the art would be a part of my repertoire. To this day, my favorite weapon of choice is the knife.

Taijiquan: Although it took an injury for me to fully appreciate the benefits of the art, I was initially drawn to it for the internal aspects.....the concepts of "strength through relaxation" and the balance of yin and yang intrigued me. Now, though years of practice and learning from my masters, I continue to feel drawn to the internal arts, even though I still practice the external arts.  These days, Taijiquan is my main focus.

What about you?? What attracted you to your chosen art?

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Lyn Yancha
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Mine started out with watching my paternal grandfather doing his daily morning exercises that looks similar to taichi. That was back when I was about 6 years old.

Then at around 9 or 10, my dad tried to teach me the Filipino stick fighting, though he only taught me a couple of moves to practice with, and that was that.

In my early 20s, I was interested enough to join a class in Shotokan. After the instructor asking me to test for the next belt up (which consisted of sparring), I left the class. A few months later, I tried out my baby sister's karate school (Goju-ryo) a few sessions then left the US to go to school in another country.

Fast forward to 10+ years later... Tried a bit of Kajukenbo, but the class 2x a week at the time when I am my busiest at my office was just too much to keep up. 

Today, I've been learning Chen style Taiji and have been in the class longer than ANY martial arts class I've ever been in! Love it! What attracted me to this style was the fact that it's Taiji... two, i don't really need to spar with anyone (not to hurt them or hurt me)... three, no need to test for belts! Oh.. and four, it's going to help me become a better massage practitioner!


- Lyn Yancha, LMP/Owner (WA)

www.AdvanceBodywork.Com (AK)

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