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This thread is for you to rant and moan about anything at all....and to rave/give shout outs or kudos about anything at all!

I'll start...

I HATE impatient stupid drivers. Just today, I was sitting at a stop light, and the jerk behind me honked at me to go a millisecond after the light turned green. What, did he have his parking brake on with his car in 1st gear and his foot hovering over the gas pedal?  Good took me at least a millisecond to move my foot from brake to gas pedal.

Another stupid driver trick that I came across today....why is it that some people driving behind you think that your opening to cross traffic from a stop sign, extends to them as well?  Grrr. Today at a stop sign, I waited for cars to go by and then proceeded across the intersection. The jerk behind me stuck to my rear bumper and tried to follow me through. He laid on his horn for a looong honk, as if to tell me to speed up so he wouldn't get hit by oncoming traffic. Jerk! He should've stopped at the stop sign himself!   He then gave me the finger for not blazing though the intersection at 50 mph just so he could get through too.  I wasn't driving 5 mph across the intersection....I was going at a good clip to clear the intersection. But super-glued-to-bumper-man thought he didn't have to stop at the stop sign. Grrrr.

Rant over.  I feel better now.

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